Momfession – Shoes.

Putting shoes on a very active baby is challenging.

We have had some good shoe days and more recently a lot of bad shoe days which turned into no shoe days. Solomon goes to daycare and we receive a daily report about his activities. On the reports and during conversation when I pick Solomon up, comments have been made that Solomon doesn’t like his shoes, or it was difficult to put them back on, and so on. Solomon started crawling in the last month and I have been trying to find him shoes to transition to walking. I have basically been buying the next size up in different shoe types and going through a trial-and-error process.

This week I exchanged a pair of shoes that I had bought for Christmas and got Solomon the next size up. In my logical mind, the next size looked way too big but the size I had purchased just didn’t fit. Willie dressed Solomon per usual and put on a pair of his new shoes. I thought that pair was too big, but he was dressed so I left well enough alone. That evening Solomon was shoeless; his teacher left a note that the best place to get baby shoes is Lucky Shoes because they measure baby’s foot for a proper fit. I made it my mission to go to Lucky Shoes to get Solomon sized and purchase a pair of shoes. I wanted him to have proper, supportive shoes so that he is stable as he learns to walk.

This morning we made our way to Lucky Shoes. Once signed in we looked around while we waited. Soon it was our turn and the salesman asked how he could help us. I told him that we wanted Solomon sized, etc. The salesman sized my baby and went to grab the shoes that we had picked. Willie asked the salesman what size he was…y’all, he said a 4.5, y’all, a size FOUR AND A HALF. I was so shocked! I thought, surely it will be too big.

The salesman brought the shoes out and put them on Solomon’s feet in about 0.5 seconds. I commented on how fast he got the shoes on his feet and that explains why we have been struggling. The salesman asked, ‘what size have you been putting on him, a 2?’ Willie and I both looked at each other and laughed…how did he know? Until I purchased a size 3 this week, we had been struggling to make size 2 shoes fit on a size 4.5 foot. #MomFail

When we walked out of the store, we laughed so hard thinking about Solomon’s shoe struggles. I must say that he must love us because he didn’t cry or fight us. My baby’s toes have been scrunched in shoes two and a half sizes too small. To all the new moms out there struggling with baby shoes, take your baby to a professional and have them sized properly.




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