Your toddler will love playing with this edible snow!

When your toddler can’t go outside to play in the snow, this edible snow will help with their sensory and pretend play skills.

As the temperatures get lower and more snow starts to fall, toddlers don’t seem to mind what’s going on outside. On the days you can’t have them out in the snow, you can bring it inside to play.

This easy snow recipe is safe if your toddler accidentally eats it and can be stored for more hours of play.

Here’s what you’ll need for it:
  • 3 cups of corn starch
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 1/2 cup of vegetable oil
  • Essential Oils – Optional
  • Mixing bowl
  • Container for play and storage

Toddlers will love helping you mix these ingredients in a big bowl too! If you want to add essential oils to your dough, add them into the vegetable oil before mixing. Then combine all the ingredients until you get a fluffy texture. Sometimes this could take a few minutes!

Even though this is edible snow, it won’t taste good. Let your kids know they shouldn’t eat this, but if they do, it’s safe.

Now that you have your snow indoors, the play opportunities are endless. Toddlers can be given the time to have free play with the snow. Then, encourage them to play in different ways.

Let your toddler use the edible snow in their pretend play kitchens. They can use play utensils to cut through the snow and see how the snow reacts to the different utensils.

Snow dough can be used in sensory scenes. Toddlers can create igloos, snowmen, and play with their favorite toys with the dough too.

No matter what you and your toddler decide to do, edible snow is a fun winter activity they’ll ask to do over and over again.

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