Mommy and Me Day at Belden Village Mall

A simple trip to the mall turned into a special mommy and me moment that we will never forget!

I had the pleasure to visit Belden Village Mall and decided at the last minute to bring along my daughter and I’m so glad I did! We had a blast together during our mommy and me shopping day!

“I feel famous Mommy!” My daughter, Olivia said as we were at the mall having fun and getting pictures taken.

We don’t get up to the canton area often so it was nice to come and check it out. Our first stop was at Dry Goods.

That was our first time at that store and it’s safe to say we will definitely be back there! As we walked into the store my little girl’s eyes light up with excitement when she saw the cowgirl boots all decked out in glitter!

They were so sparkly and definitely caught your eye, along with many other sparkly things in the store. Our favorite thing in this store along with the sparkly cowgirl boots was all the cowgirl hats!

A girl’s favorite accessories have to shine! Olivia picked out some really cute sunglasses and a bracelet.

We will definitely be back to get her favorite cowgirl hat for a concert later this year! Our next stop was Charlotte Russo.

I’ve been in here before but it’s been a long time. Olivia had fun trying on some different shoes and checking out all the accessories! They were having some pretty good sales. We got quite a few things there.

Our adventure didn’t stop there though! We stopped by the food court and ate at one of my favorite places, Chick-Fil-A  for lunch. And then ventured into the mall for more exploring!

It definitely was a day to remember with my daughter and she’s already asking when are we going to go back and buy some matching cowgirl hats!

Thanks, Belden Village and Newsymom for a fun experience to share with my daughter.


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