Mother’s Day is OUR Day

The single most important day of the rest of your life. The day you bring someone into this world that you vow to protect, guide, and most importantly love…

Jess D AHere’s the thing about children no matter what you do, how many times you screw up, you will always be their parent. Unfortunately, for some, they take advantage of that but as for me it truly is my greatest honor.
Let’s go way back. I had a few girl cousins on my dad’s side of the family, they were older than me. Those girls are now some of my very best friends but childhood was all boys all the time. Every so often a few neighborhood girls would ask me to play with them but I would much rather have been swinging a baseball bat than playing with dolls and gossiping about how cute my brother and boys cousins were. Ew.
I was the definition of a TOM-boy and affectionately nicknamed “the wild child” by my uncle. To hang with those boys I had to be tough-skinned, they tested me; I had to spit, punch, and call names with the best of ’em. Every once and a while they’d say sorry no girls today or tell me there were trolls that lived in the basement of the neighbors. We still laugh about that. To say I struggled with my identity is a little extreme but I guess paints the picture for readers that I’m trying to illustrate.
Fast forward a decade or so…
It all changed that day. The day my son was born I knew exactly who I was born to be.
 I was born to be his mom.
Then it happened again 4 years later when my daughter was born.
There is nothing more fulfilling for me than watching them grow and learn. Looking at them knowing my husband and I could create something so pure and perfect is our highest success.
Every day is something new and exciting. So when asked what does mothers day mean to me. It’s the day they celebrate me being their mom but also the day I celebrate them for being my kids.

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