Happy Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ day is such an emotional day for us. And yes the apostrophe is in the correct place…

Kandi and FamJude has made not one woman a mom, but TWO!  What an amazing blessing that has been! 

Katie and I talked about getting pregnant and how things would work, we dreamt about what our future looks like & imagined how awesome it would be. Our dreams were completely blown away on Nov. 24th at 8:19am. Nothing we could’ve ever dreamed or imagined would prepare us for the emotional outpouring of unconditional love we felt for this tiny baby girl. I remember being physically nauseous because I was so terrified of what kind of mothers WE would be. Well let me tell you, we NAILED the mommy gig, kinda like a failed pinterest project, you know that crayon one that they make look so damn easy, psshh its not!

Every. Single. Day. We learn something new, every single minute our pride is ripped to shreds, every single second we love her more than the last one. Our lives have been forever changed by this little girl, she has made us soft, wise, empathetic, compassionate REALLY cool mommies. The words that I’m typing could never truly depict how special being mommies to Jude really is. Happy mothers day peeps, enjoy the time that you are blessed to have with your children, they deserve to be cherished. 🎶“Remember to let her into your heart” 🎶

<3 Kandi

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