A Mom by Any Other Name

This Sunday is Mother’s Day!  I celebrate the day, just like many others…with my children, step-children, grandchildren, my mother, my 99-year-old mother-in-law…a hectic day, but a day of celebration! It’s also a day that I realize Mother’s Day isn’t about the biological DNA that made you a mother!

My phone starts buzzing at 8 a.m. with Happy Mother’s Day messages from my teenage daughter’s friends wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day! Almost each and every one of them refers to me as “mom”, and I am honored that they think of me this way!

I have a step-daughter, who has allowed me to be a part of her transformation from a young teenager into a beautiful young woman and who is now a mother herself!  

On this day, I say a prayer of gratitude to the birth-mother who gave me the gift of my two sons. It’s also a day that I think of my foster- son, who made me a foster – mom almost eight years ago, and even though he was reunited back with his family…he let me keep my title as a mother just with a twist, I am now his Godmother!

So, I guess what I am saying is, a mom by any other name is still a mom! If you have given birth to a child, have cared for or protected a child, taken on the role of a mother, loved a child as your own…well then, Happy Mother’s Day…mom, step-mom, foster-mom, grandma, birth mom, Godmother, adopted mom, mother-in-law, friend’s mom, fur mom!

<3 Rebecca

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