National Cancer Survivors Day

National Cancer Survivors Day is the first Sunday in June every year.
Did you know?
Me either…

FB_IMG_1497721335393I feel like this day should be huge. A giant celebration with balloons falling from the ceiling and confetti flying everywhere.
My sister in law and her family created their own day for their mom who suffered a heart attack. It’s called “Happy Alive Day”.
Shouldn’t we all do that?
When I asked if I could mention this in my blog she said:
“Sure…..we celebrate because she survived and we want to remind her and the whole world how strong she is.”
I admire that about their family. How they take the time to create moments and appreciate the little and big things  – That she survived through one of the toughest trials of her life.
When I realized there was a national cancer survivor day  I thought we should celebrate.
It might be hard to understand and I am going to try to put this as delicately as possible, the women in my family who had cancer didn’t make it.
It took them.
All 4 of them. 
So why celebrate?
They fought, and they fought hard. With advancement in technologies, they also gave the rest of us a chance to fight while we are healthy.
According to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center – On average, women with an altered BRCA1 gene have a 50 to 85 percent risk of developing breast cancer by age 70.
Their risk of developing ovarian cancer is 40 to 60 percent by age 85.
It took our family members much earlier than age 70 & 85.
Due to statics, many women in my family have been advised to take prophylactic alternatives. Which include a double mastectomy and hysterectomy.
Yes some people find this a little excessive and I understand the compassion of your opinion but with all do respect.
Shut up. 
When you watch your loved one suffer through cancer treatments only to have them suffer to extend their suffering a little longer you may look at the BRCA testing through a more clarifying lens.
The women in my family were fighters, they were strong and although they lost the battle, it helped the next generation win the war.
We have options now.
Ways to beat that stupid disease. 
I will touch base on the extent of all of this through my journey with and through my BRCA preventive testings but as for now I want to make it known that there is a day for Cancer Survivors who fought the fight and won.
We celebrate you.

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