North Canton City School seek Levy Passage in May Primary

On Tuesday, May 8th the North Canton City School District is turning to voters for passage of an additional 6.9-mill continuing property tax levy.

The district is hopeful the voters will support this levy after seeing a 3.99-mill bond issue and a 0.75 percent continuing, earned income tax levy fail the last election. 68 percent of voters defeated the levy in November.

Officials explain the levy voters will see on the May ballot is a single property tax levy request that would cover only operating expenses. If approved, the levy would generate $4.98 million a year for the district and cost the owner of a $100,000 home $242 in additional taxes annually. School district leaders note that although the proposed 6.9-mill levy will generate more money than the levy sought in November, it will still leave the district with a $1 million shortfall for the upcoming school year.

While school administrators have a plan to cover the $1 million shortfall, they note that the failure of this levy would mean another $1 million would need to be cut for a grand total of $2 million. Cuts could include employees, including teachers; field trips, courses and other programs; and a pay-to-participate fee could be implemented.



Michaela Madison Reporting 


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