Ohio Attorney General Issues Statement on Abortion Funding Litigation

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is making a public comment regarding last week’s ruling in the case: Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio V. Hodges.

“After reviewing the Sixth Circuit panel decision, the Ohio Attorney General’s office will request en banc review. Nothing in the Constitution requires Ohio to use its funding discretion under these programs to support abortion providers, and we will appeal to the full Sixth Circuit,” explained DeWine.

Back in 2016 a federal district judge blocked Ohio’s enforcement of the law that would have prevented Planned Parenthood clinics from receiving the last $1.3 million in federal funds the state has been sending them for a variety of services such as HIV testing, contraception, breast and cervical cancer screenings, sex education and others not related to abortion.

On Wednesday a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Cincinnati upheld the lower court ruling. Officials noted that it is already illegal under Ohio and federal law for public funds to pay for abortions and that the funds are for other health services the clinics provide.

Reports indicate Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio, Nicole Evans, has accused DeWine of wasting Ohioans’ tax dollars. Clinic supports argue the funds are vital in continuing to offer educational programs and access to reproductive health care.

Of Greater Ohio’s 19 Planned Parenthood locations, three perform abortions. However, all locations were targeted by the law because they refer patients for abortions to other clinics.

Michaela Madison Reporting 


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