Ohio – State offers financial incentive to hold county fairs

(Ohio) – State leaders have given the green light for counties to move forward with annual fairs.

Fairs were originally called off earlier this year due to the coronavirus outbreak across the state and the nation. Governor Mike DeWine signed an executive order on Tuesday to allow fairs focused on supporting members of 4-H and FFA.

Each county will receive $50,000 in state funding if they conduct a junior fair. Those who choose not to conduct a fair will receive $15,000 in order to make necessary safety improvements during the coronavirus pandemic. The funding plan, however, is still subject to the State Controlling Board’s approval, which is expected early next week.

Many of the 94 county and independent fairs held across the state each year have already canceled this year’s events due to the health pandemic. Others have pledged to still hold the event with some kind of junior fair and/or livestock show. Additionally, the state has given the okay for fairs to be rescheduled, which could mean new announcements from fair boards across the state in the coming weeks.

2020 Fair Dates

As of 6/12/2020, the Ashland County Fair is scheduled for September 20th – September 26th.

As of 6/12/2020, the Stark County Fair is scheduled for September 1st – September 7th.

As of 5/21/2020, the Tuscarawas County Fair is scheduled for September 21st – September 27th.


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