Organization Critical to Students’ Success

Class is back in session and education experts are stressing the importance of good organizational skills.

school-supplies-1582083_640Jake Neuberg, Co-Founder of Revolution Prep, explained that organization goes a long way.

“These organizational skills and creating systems and processes, once you get used to it and if you can get used to it in school, these are skills that are going to help in your career and just in life in general. Explained Neuberg. “And that’s why we think it is so important to start working with kids of all ages and helping them be organized.”

Neuberg explained there are four core areas to consider when promoting strong organizational skills.

  • Understand organizational struggles – 
    • Look at your child’s problems with organization so you can develop a plan for improving these skills. Is your child often losing things? Do they lack the proactive skills to plan and schedule? Before coming up with a treatment plan, any doctor has to diagnose the patient—the same is true for your child’s organizational needs.
  • Manage their paperwork –
    • While more and more of today’s assignments are being completed online, there are still a lot of papers passed to your child’s hands each day. Help them get organized by purchasing a binder with tabs and color coded sections, and show them how to use it effectively. Up the fun-factor and purchase stickers or glitter gel pens for labeling.
  • Go digital – 
    • Just like a vast amount of papers need to be organized, so do digital files. Online resources like Dropbox or Google Drive are great ways to help a student get – and stay – organized. This will also make it a cinch to look at old work to prepare for tests.
  • Pay attention to study space – 
    • Clear the space where your child studies to reduce distractions. The fewer the items the better! Also, make sure there is excellent lighting to reduce the strain on their eyes.

Neuberg added that overall, “developing organization skills early is an investment that will set your child up for success during school – and also in life.”

Michaela Madison Reporting


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