Parental Involvement Day

They pretty much have a day made for everything, today is Parental Involvement Day. I’m not sure who “they” are or who makes up these nationally recognized days but this is one, I for sure can get behind.

Being a stay at home mom, now opens a whole new world of possibilities for me to get involved with my kids. I know what your thinking sports, PTO, music lessons, some serving of the Lord, donating our time to a charity.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

That’s what I thought too, when I started to stay home. I’m going to do all these activities with my kids and they’re going to grow up and travel to Uganda, preach the gospel and win a Nobel Peace Prize.


I’m not sure what they’re going to grow up and do, I’m hoping it’s not continue to pee on the toilet seat, throw bouncy balls down the toilet, or scratch the paint off my newly repainted chair.

They might follow me from room to room CONSTANTLY and my two year old already recites the phrases “leave me alone for 2 seconds” “get out of here” and “hold on a minute”.


In light of Parental Involvement Day and a few of my previous witty jokes, I will say these kids are my life. There is nothing like taking them to a new experience and watching their brain fill up with questions and knowledge, or sitting at home playing UNO when they get their numbers and colors right. Realizing there is only 2 players so reverse and skip can induce a “what’s up now” chest pump.

I find my joy in watching them grow; intellectually, spiritually, athletically, and academically. I told my son this very morning, there is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you. I need you to understand this, but if you scrape the paint off my refinished chair with your finger nails again because you’re getting too anxious playing Madden 17, you’re grounded from it. He half smiled and said “I’m sorry.”

These little things we do with our kids, at young ages, largely determine their success in life as adults. It might seem like a mindless game of UNO, throwing the football or chasing them around with the sweeper when your cleaning but these are the things they will remember.

Looking back at some of my favorite moments as a kid it wasn’t big elaborate parties or vacations. It was when Mom pulled out the Christmas village during the holidays and a midnight shopping trip to Wal-Mart for groceries. It was playing cards with my dad and racing him back to the car while he coasted on the back of the cart.

Too often, we forget that kids do not care how much money we have. They innocently just want our time.


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