TuscBDD Announces Starlight School PBIS Team as a 2017 Gold Award Winner

Officials announced this week the team is one of only seven statewide to receive the recognition from the Ohio PBIS Network and State Support team for implementation of school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports.

“We use a Lego theme in our program. Seeing students light up when they are visited by Lego Man and awarded their special badge and lanyard in recognition of their achievement is the biggest bonus in using this incentive program” expressed Farrah Raines (right) and Katy Ganz (Left), Starlight School’s Occupational and Speech and therapists.

Officials explain both Farrah and Katy spent time over the 2017 summer preparing a portfolio and creating their unique program that awards incentives to the students when they go above and beyond in their behavior and therapy goals. This program is for all Starlight School students and was developed to peak an interest with all kids of all different cognitive levels.

Starlight School’s PBIS team consists of: Alisha Ketchem, Dana Digenova, Farrah Raines, Katy Ganz, and Sophie Graves-Clore. Thank you for all your hard work. Congratulations on your Gold Award.

PBIS involves teaching students expected behaviors in a consistent and positive way, modeling and acknowledging those behaviors, and helping all students meet expectations and be successful.

In all, 108 Ohio schools are being recognized for their success in implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). These 108 schools earned recognition at the gold (7 schools), silver (15 schools), and bronze (86 schools) levels of distinction. Congratulations to these schools for their dedication and successes!

Michaela Madison Reporting

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