Parents say they feel closer to their children because of lockdown

(U.S.) – A recent study indicates parents have developed stronger bonds with their children after being forced to stay home together due to COVID-19 lockdowns.

According to new research, commissioned by JOHNSON’S Baby, three-quarters of parents say the lockdown actually helped them develop a closer bond with their children. While there have been notable difficulties with 67% of parents admitting lockdown have left them feeling more pressure, it has also allowed for more time to be spent together as a family.

74% of participating parents indicated they feel like they have a stronger relationship with their children now than they did before. And 67% of parents said they have experienced at least one of their child’s milestone moments they would have otherwise missed including first words, smiles, crawls, laughs, meals, and bike rides.

Other stats include:

  • 46% of parents indicated seeing their child’s development in real-time was a silver lining rather than relying on video and picture captures.
  • 67% said they’ve learned to be more patient.
  • 32% said they’ve learned to be more kind.
  • 32% said they’ve learned to be more gentle.
  • 43% say they now feel more confident in the role of a teacher than they did since lockdown began.

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