Perry Local Schools Offer Counselors Following Student’s Death

The Perry Local School District is working closely with the Perry Township Police Department following the death of an Edison Middle School student.

16265590_1856986717850599_7643658317106867502_nAccording to a press release issued by the Perry Police Department, officers responded to the 4400 Block of Malta SW for an injury related to a gunshot wound to a teenage child.

Police explain that while they are conducting a full investigation, they have determined the circumstances surrounding the death are non-school related issues.

Three Perry High School students have taken their lives this year.

“In an effort to address additional questions our department has received, none of the circumstances surrounding the other three student deaths have uncovered issues related to school,” the department added. “Additionally, none of the four death investigations are connected.”

The Perry Local School district has arranged for counselors to be available to all students in the district. School officials have also offered resources to students and families to help them cope with the unexpected loss or other situations they may be facing

“As a staff, we are devastated. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the student’s family in this difficult time,” explained officials in a written statement published on the district’s website.

“We are a proud community that comes together in difficult times, and we are asking the community to support our students, our parents, each other and our district’s staff as we move forward together,” officials added.

An official cause of death in this specific case has not yet been determined.

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