Real People. Real Fun. Travel Tusc – Making memories while learning!

Check out this list of rich and unique activities in Tuscarawas County that are both entertaining and full of learning opportunities!

Real People. Real Fun. Travel Tusc comes to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

From inviting museums and inspiring historical sites to beautiful landscapes and exciting theatre venues, Tuscarawas County is full of opportunity. In addition to being the gateway to Ohio’s Amish Country, Tuscarawas County is also the home of two National Historic Landmarks: The Dennison Railroad Depot Museum and Historic Zoar Village. The county’s destination learning guide is designed to offer you a glimpse into the multiple opportunities available for students and parents alike.

Rich History

Fort Laurens
Ohio’s only Revolutionary War Fort. The outline of the fort remains along with artifacts found during archaeological digs. The Fort Laurens museum offers a video of the history of the fort along with Colonial Era artifacts and weaponry.
1 1 0 6 7 F O R T L A U R E N S R D . , B O L I V A R , O H 4 4 6 1 2
8 0 0 – 2 8 3 – 8 9 1 4 | F O R T L A U R E N S . O R G

Historic Gnadenhutten
Meaning huts of grace was the site of the massacre of 96 Christian Native Americans during the Revolutionary War period. President Theodore Roosevelt called this tragedy the “black stain on the frontier character that time
can not wash away.” This historical park and museum located on the original ground pay tribute to the memory of the settlement.
3 5 2 S C H E R R Y S T, G N A D E N H U T T E N, O H 4 4 6 2 9
7 4 0 – 2 5 4 – 4 1 4 3 | G N A D E N . C O M

Historic Schoenbrunn Village
Established in 1772 as the first Christian settlement in Ohio, this Moravian mission organized by David Zeisberger and the Delaware Indians offers visitors a unique glimpse into life during the time of the American Revolution. Guests can explore 16 reconstructed log buildings on the original sites along with a museum and the original cemetery.
1 9 8 2 E. H I G H A V E, N E W P H I L A, O H 4 4 6 6 3
7 4 0 – 9 2 2 – 6 7 7 6

Historic Zoar Village
Recently named a National Historic Landmark, celebrates the life and times of the 200 German Separatists seeking religious freedom that thrived for over 80 years as a successful communal society. Explore the unique and tranquil Zoar Gardens while visiting the historic buildings with costumed guides.
1 9 8 M A I N S T R E E T , Z O A R , O H 4 4 6 9 7
8 0 0 – 2 6 2 – 6 1 9 5 | H I S T O R I C Z O A R V I L L A G E . C O M


Dennison Railroad Depot Museum
Also known as Dreamsville, USA to the 1.5 million soldiers that stopped by the Dennison Canteen during WWI and WWII. This former railroad hub and National Historic Landmark will help you travel back in time as to experience the beautifully restored 1873 Pennsylvania Railroad Depot featuring railroad cars and interactive learning for the kids.
4 0 0 C E N T E R S T R E E T, D E N N I S O N, O H I O 4 4 6 2 1
7 4 0 – 9 2 2 – 6 7 7 6 | D E N N I S O N D E P O T. O R G

Ernest Warther Museum & Gardens
Students can learn about and experience a regional artist, genius, and inventor. The Warther family values education, as their great-grandfather only had a second-grade education but understood the value of learning, which kept him reading and developing his knowledge throughout the course of his life to make up for what he
lacked formally. Ernest Warther welcomed over 20,000 students each year into the museum. They promote the value of learning through a multitude of examples in history, engineering, mathematics, art, and ingenuity. Students are able to walk through a local, 1920’s style home, see self-sustainable gardening, and a genuine piece of local and regional history. Educators are invited to engage in before, during, and post-visit activities with students to enhance the experience. The museum aligns with multiple state standards at every grade level.
3 3 1 K A R L A V E, D O V E R, O H 4 4 6 2 2
3 3 0 – 3 4 3 – 7 5 1 3 | T H E W A R T H E R M U S E U M. C OM

Reeves Victorian Home & Carriage House
Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and home to Dover industrialist and banker Jeremiah E.
Reeves, this 19th-century mansion will be sure to delight guests with beautifully restored rooms and original Reeves family furnishings. The Carriage House features the Reeves family sleigh and 1892 hansom carriage along
with a Rauch and Lang electric car, orchestral Regina music box, and restored doctor’s buggy.
3 2 5 E I R O N A V E, D O V E R, O H 4 4 6 2 2
8 0 0 – 8 1 5 – 2 7 9 4 | D O V E R H I S T O R Y. O R G

Uhrichsville Clay Museum
Located in what was once known as the Clay Capital of the World, this museum offers a rich history of the rise in the clay pipe and brick manufacturing that dominated the area. See the unique products of the times and be sure to check out the folk arts created by the clay workers and ask to see a ‘whimsy’.
3 3 0 N M A I N S T, U H R I C H S V I L L E, O H 4 4 6 8 3
7 4 0 – 9 2 2 – 5 4 5 5 | F A C E B O O K. C O M / U H R I C H S V I L L E C L A Y M U S E U M


Age of Steam Roundhouse
The private collection of 20 locomotive engines of the late Jerry Jacobson is showcased at the Age of Steam Roundhouse. The 115-foot turntable offers an impressive glimpse into the former life of this 18 stall brick roundhouse. See freight and passenger cars as well as steam engines currently being restored to their former glory. A tour of this facility requires proper shoes that cover the entire foot. (no sandals, flip flops, or beach shoes)
2 1 3 S M O K E Y L A N E R D S W, S U G A R C R E E K, O H 4 4 6 8 1
3 3 0 – 8 5 2 – 4 6 7 6 | . A G E O F S T E A M R O U N D H O U S E . O RG

Ohio Star Theater
Family-friendly entertainment for audiences of all ages can be found at the Ohio Star Theater. Located on the Dutch Valley campus, at the gateway to Ohio’s Amish County, this 500 seat venue presents a schedule of faith-based concerts, musicals, and special guest artists to the stage.
1 3 8 7 O L D S T A T E R T . 3 9, S U G A R C R E E K, O H 4 4 6 8 1
8 5 5 – 3 4 4 – 7 5 4 7 | D H G R O U P . C O M / T H E A T E R

Performing Arts Center (PAC) at Kent State University at Tuscarawas
Located on the regional campus of Kent State University, this 1,100 seat theatre is a state-of-the-art venue that offers visitors a variety of touring Broadway shows, musicals, and comedic entertainment from some of the industry’s top names. Public and private schools along with homeschool groups are offered the opportunity to participate in the Class Acts series. These performances are directed at a variety of age groups during the school year. Call the PAC box office for more information and show schedules.
3 3 0 U N I V E R S I T Y D R . , N E W P H I L A, O H 4 4 6 6 3
3 3 0. 3 0 8 . 6 4 0 4 | K E N T . E D U / T U S C / P A C

Trumpet in the Land
This outdoor production depicts trials facing David Zeisberger and his new settlement of Schoenbrunn as they struggle to survive during the Revolutionary War. The settlers, becoming caught in the middle of British and American forces, endure the fury of war which leads to the violent massacre of 96 Christian Indians at Gnadenhutten. Performances run June 19–August 15, 2020; Mon-Tues & Thurs -Sat at 8:30pm
6 0 0 T R U M P E T D R N E, N E W P H I L A, O H 4 4 6 6 3
3 3 0 – 3 6 4 – 5 1 1 1 | T R U M P E T I N T H E L A N D. C O M

Tuscarawas Center for the Arts
A 501c3 arts organization that offers community classes for children and adults in areas such as dance, drawing, pottery, photography, and drama. Full schedule of classes and gallery events can be found on the Center’s website.
4 6 1 R O B I N S O N D R S E, N E W P H I L A, O H 4 4 6 6 3
3 3 0 – 3 3 9 – 2 7 8 7 | T U S C A R T C E N T E R . O R G


Atwood Lake Park
Atwood Lake Park has a new Welcome Center, over four miles of trails, a dog park, an observation tower, and a geocaching trail for visitors.
9 5 0 0 L A K E V I E W R D N E, M I N E R A L C I T Y
3 0 – 3 4 3 – 6 7 8 0 | A T W O O D P A R K. M W C D. O R G
Buckhorn Creek Trail
The Buckhorn Creek Trail is an eight-mile, limestone surfaced trail. It runs from Newcomerstown to Stone Creek, parallel to Stonecreek Rd. Trail access can be found where College St. becomes Stonecreek Rd.
N E W C O M E R S T O W N & S T O N C R E E K
3 3 0 – 3 7 4 – 5 6 5 7 | O H I O E R I E C A N A L. O R G
Camp Tuscazoar
Camp Tuscazoar, a former Boy Scout Camp, has over 600 acres of forested hills and valleys along the Tuscarawas River. It features miles of hiking trails and new Mountain Bike trails for beginners and experienced visitors alike.
6 0 6 6 B O Y S C O U T R D N E, D O V E R
3 3 0 – 8 5 9 – 2 2 8 8 | T U S C A Z O A R . O R G
Dundee Falls
Dundee Falls are a part of the Beach City Wildlife Area. Numerous hiking trails provide access to the Upper and Lower Falls. Also, it is a designated rock climbing location by the Ohio Rock Climbers
D U N D E E – W I L M O T R D N W
( 4 0 . 6 1 0 3 2 6 , – 8 1 . 6 2 4 8 3 6 )
Normal Johnson Center
The Norma Johnson Center is located three miles west of I-77 off State Route 39. It is home to 303 acres, three trails, and numerous ponds. They host many events throughout the year.
C O N V E R S A T I O N D R . , D O V E R
3 3 0 – 3 3 9 – 7 9 7 6 | N O R M A J O H N S O C E N T E R . C O M
Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail
When completed, the Ohio & Erie Towpath trail will run 101 miles from Cleveland through New Phila. In Tuscarawas County, the developed trail leads from the Aquaduct Bridge to Fort Laurens State Memorial, to the Canal Lands Park, then to State Route 800 and beyond. Parking available.
3 3 0 – 3 6 5 – 3 2 7 8 | T U S C P A R K S . C O M

Parks and Water

Atwood Lake Park
Atwood Lake Park offers 1,540 acres of water surface, two marinas, and three public launch ramps for boaters. With a 25 horsepower limit, pontoons, sailboats, kayaks, and canoes are welcome. There are also renting
equipment options.
9 5 0 0 L A K E V I E W R D N E, M I N E R A L C I T Y
3 0 – 3 4 3 – 6 7 8 0 | A T W O O D P A R K. M W C D. O R G

Dover Park
Dover park has multiple playgrounds, a pond, two pools, recreational play areas, and disc golf! The Deis Hill Disc Golf courses is Tuscarawas County’s first and only course. It offers 18 holes through varied terrain of Dover City park. This park is also pet friendly!
1 5 9 2 N. C R A T E R A V E . , D O V E R
3 3 0 – 3 4 3 – 0 7 3 1 | D O V E R O H I O . C O M

Tuscora Park

Tuscora Park offers vintage amusement park rides, three pools, basketball and tennis courts, batting cages, large multiple playgrounds, concessions, and more!
1 6 1 T U S C O R A A V E . N W N E W P H I L A D E L P H I A
3 3 0 – 3 4 3 – 4 6 4 4 | N E W P H I L A O H . C O M

Uhrichsville Waterpark
The Uhrichsville Water Park is a 4.5-acre facility offering an 18,000 sq. ft. heated pool with a pair of two-story water slides and is open throughout the summer to the public and for private parties.
4 0 1 E 1 2 T H S T . , U H R I C H S V I L L E
7 4 0 – 9 2 2 – 8 7 8 0 | C I T Y O F U H R I C H S V I L L E . O R G / W A T E R P A R K
Woods Tall Timber Resort
Wood’s Tall Timber Lake Resort has a 7-acre lake open to the public. Activities include tube slides, water slides, diving boards, canoe rentals, and more! They also have a zip line! Camping is always available.
1 9 2 1 T A L L T I M B E R R D N E . , N E W P H I L A D E L P H I A
3 3 0 – 6 0 2 – 4 0 0 0 | W O O D S T A L L T I M B E R L A K E . C O M

There are also a variety of events held throughout Tuscarawas County all year long! Be sure to check out the complete destination learning guide for more information or visit

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