Report urges Ohio to commit to lead safety strategy for childcare centers

(Ohio) – A new report is urging childcare centers in Ohio to commit to a prevention-based strategy when it comes to the ongoing risk and dangers of lead poisoning.

Groundwork Ohio, a non-partisan advocacy organization, took a comprehensive look at the state’s challenges and opportunities for reducing or even eliminating exposure to lead. Lead is known to be a brain-damaging toxin that can cause a variety of delays in early childhood development.

According to reports, Ohio’s regulations currently call for child care locations to be lead-free, however, health officials typically only respond after a child has already been poisoned by lead exposure. The report is suggesting a preventative approach that would involve gathering data on the number of licensed child care centers operating in homes built prior to 1978, which is when lead-based paint was banned from residential use in the United States. Officials indicated centers operating out of commercial spaces, which are often more intensely regulated by local officials, could be reviewed separately.

The data, per experts, would allow officials to determine the cost to educate and financially support providers in order for them to meet new standards.

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