Ohio children going unvaccinated due to fear of COVID-19

(Ohio) – A recent report from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine indicates many children across the state are going without vaccinations due to ongoing fears related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Officials stated there has been a decrease in vaccinations to prevent measles, chickenpox, whooping cough, and polio.

“Another difficulty of the pandemic is that some parents haven’t been able to take their kids to the doctor for well-visits as often as recommended,” DeWine tweeted earlier this month. “While we are starting to catch up on these numbers, there is still reason to be concerned. There’s a danger that these diseases could easily spread if children aren’t vaccinated.”

State officials indicated it is critical that parents remain vigilant in ensuring their children are up-to-date with vaccinations. Reports note that families have experienced ongoing concerns about going to medical offices during the pandemic and has directly impacted the decline in children receiving their routine vaccinations. Health experts indicate that with the influenza season in its early stages for the year, in addition to the threat of a vaccine-preventable disease outbreak, vaccinations are critical.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid has launched an initiative designed to encourage children to receive their immunizations.

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