Resource Feature: The Empower Tusc Podcast

Have 45 spare minutes? Maybe only 20? Tune in to an episode of The Empower Tusc Podcast and arm yourself with information about local resources and programs.

This awareness campaign is brought to you in partnership with Empower Tusc.

The Empower Tusc Podcast delivers current information about drug use and prevention efforts in Tuscarawas County. Jodi Salvo, Empower Tusc Coordinator, brings information from all over the county. You will hear from resources like local school districts, law enforcement, treatment agencies, political offices, state representatives, and more.

The podcast is comprised of casual conversations among people working together to make an impact in our community. Episodes of The Empower Tusc Podcast can be found on their YouTube channel. You can also listen to every episode on your mobile device with Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or any other listening app!

Audrey Mattevi, reporting

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