My hope for you on your first birthday and every day baby girl…

*When you try

When you lead

When you fly

I hope you smile


*When you follow

When you ask

When you’re full of sorrow

Remember to smile


*When you reach

When you dream

When you teach

I hope you smile


*When you take

When you answer

When you’re about to break

Find a way to smile


*When you share

When you talk

Even when it seems unfair

I hope you smile


*When you learn

When you run

When you yearn

Don’t forget to smile


*When you give

When you take

When you live

I hope you smile


*When you shine

When you rise

Even when you’re behind

There’s always reason to smile


*When you play

When you listen

Every single day

I hope you smile.


You are the greatest part of this life. Thank you for being so perfect. I love you more than words could ever begin to describe. I am so PROUD to be your momma!!

<3 Mommy





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