Sneaky Green Smoothie

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If you read my last post, I discussed different ways I get my kids to eat healthy foods.  I thought I would post a smoothie recipe that I make almost every day, that my kids go bananas for! (see what I did there!? I love puns)

111The point of this smoothie is to make sure your kids are getting an extra dose of healthy greens in for their day; most kids won’t sit down and eat a kale salad.  This recipe is totally flexible so any fruits or veggies can be subbed out, don’t be too hard on yourself (or your refrigerator!)

Sneaky Green Smoothie

2 handfuls of spinach or kale

2 bananas

2 oranges (peeled)

2 handfuls of frozen mango (I add this until the smoothie is the consistency I enjoy)

Add water until the smoothie is the texture you want

For added greens, I usually throw in a tablespoon of barley grass juice powder and I add spirulina powder (you can find these at any health food store, or Amazon).  Barley grass juice powder doesn’t have much flavor but the spirulina can have a bit of a fishy taste, so if your little ones are pretty leery of new foods, leave that out for now.

Making smoothies is no rigid recipe, you can always just add what you like or have and throw in some greens for those vitamins and minerals you need but don’t always have time to get in!  I always tell my kids I’m making a monster smoothie, or milkshake if that’s what they are inclined to try!  It’s okay to trick them a little! 🙂


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