Soaking It All In

When I was a few months away from turning 30, I was talking to my neighbor, who is a few years older than I am. I was going on and on about how I’m dreading turning 30, and how there is nothing left to look forward to after 30 hits.

You look forward to turning 18, then 21, and then when 30 comes, you just feel old…or so I thought.

My neighbor looked at me like I was crazy and said “Are you kidding?! 30’s are the best years! It’s when you really find yourself and find out who you are!”

Now, a few months away from turning 33, I wish I would have known then just how right she was.

I won’t lie, this season of life is hard. Early 30’s, in the thick of motherhood- dealing with kids in school, all of their activities, running them around everywhere, picky eaters, stomach bugs, bad dreams…and trying to balance it all it’s not always easy, and any mom can tell you that.

It’s also really, really great.

If I had a choice to go back to my younger self or stay right here, at almost 33, I’d most definitely stay. They say high school is “the best years of your life”, but I think this, right now, is so much better.

I’ve been married for ten years, and I’m a mother of 2. I know who I am, and who I want and don’t want to be. I’m established and settled. I’m learning to live in the exact moment that I’m in. I’m learning to not wish time away, or wish for the past back. Yes, I miss when my kids were little, but watching them grow and flourish means that their father and I have done our jobs.

Right now, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Enjoy this season of life, even if it’s difficult. Find the good in every day, because there is something good in every day, and don’t worry about growing older. That is what is supposed to happen.

Don’t live for the moments, live in the moments. Soak it all in, and be proud of who you are and where you’re at in your journey. And who knows, maybe someday you’ll be telling a young neighbor or friend just how great entering their 30’s really is.


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