MOMFESSION – Stop the Noise!

“We the American people are not each other’s enemies. The enemies are those people behind the curtain jerking everybody’s chains and trying to divide us up by age, by race, by income.” Dr. Ben Carson

Stop the noise! I would like to hear a report on the news without a political bias to either side. I have found myself watching actual broadcasts from speakers including our President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus task force via YouTube. Although they may conflict or disagree, I am getting the true version without persuasive journalism, opinion, or outright untruths.
Stop the noise! The Coronavirus seems to be the onset of exposing corruption in our country. The great countries of Greece and Rome existed 1000 years before their fall. Our precious Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is still in its infancy of only 243 years. Above all else, we need to protect and cherish our great country of America. We should all be grateful that we are Americans. Furthermore; and above all else, we should be American’s first.
Stop the noise! I do believe there are racism and bias in our country. As a white working female, I have witnessed and been a part of bias. On average, I have made a lot less money than my male counterparts. Although more qualified, I didn’t get the promotion because my male counterpart was considered the breadwinner and had a family. At the time, I was widowed with 2 small children.
With that being said, I am so grateful that women have progressed in the business world. We as women have made progress because of the laws of this great country. We are free to demonstrate peacefully and every one of us has a voice when it comes time to vote. It wasn’t always that way.
Stop the noise! I will never know what it is like to be of a different color of skin, a different sex or a different nationality. But I do know what it’s like to be American. Why are we erasing our history? I don’t understand. Help me if I am wrong. To quote Winston Churchill, “A nation that forgets it’s past has no future.” What would our founding forefathers say?

We all must remember, the unalienable rights presented to all humans in the United States Declaration of Independence. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” is an entitlement put forth by our founding forefathers that our government will pursue to protect.
Clearly, our country is divided but we have the power to come together and stop the noise! We must push forward together to right the wrongs and promote change. Americans can and will preserver. As Americans,  let our love for America, bring us together more than the problems that divide us.

We must always remember we are Americans, first.

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