Students Released as Normal After Lockdown

Students are home safe after a “yellow-door lockdown” at New Philadelphia High School and Welty Middle School on Wednesday.

According to police reports, the lockdown was issued after a threat was found in a bathroom stall. Specific details about the threat have not been released.

The district issued the following statement via Facebook shortly before 2:00 p.m.:

“Update regarding the precautionary yellow door lockdown. All students are safe and we will be dismissing students as normal. We are working in conjunction with the New Philadelphia Police Department. The school is safe and this was completely precautionary due to writing on a bathroom stall. It was decided by the NPPD and NPCSD to proceed with this precautionary measure. Further information will be released later this evening. There is no immediate threat or risk of harm to any of our students.”

Law enforcement blocked off the streets around the building this afternoon, but all roadways have since been reopened.

Officials stress that there is not believed to be a credible threat and there is no indication the rest of the school week will be affected.

Michaela Madison Reporting


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