Study – Lower-income parents most concerned about their children falling behind amid COVID-19 school closures

A recent Pew Research study indicates lower-income parents are most concerned when it comes to their children falling behind amid COVID-19 school closures.

K-13 schools have been closed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia since March due to the coronavirus outbreak. On April 20th, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced all Ohio schools will remain closed through the end of the school year.

According to data released from Pew Research Center earlier this month, 83% of parents with children in elementary, middle or high school say they are at least somewhat satisfied with the way their children’s school has been handling instruction during the closure. However, 64% or roughly two-thirds have expressed at least some concern about their children falling being in school. 28% of those parents indicating they are very concerned.

Researchers noted lower-income parents expressed more concern on these issues when compared to those in higher-income groups. The study highlighted that about half of upper-income parents (51%) noted their elementary, middle, or high school children have received a lot of online instruction since their schools closed while 38% of lower-income parents said the same. Additionally, roughly three-in-ten lower-income parents or 29% said their children’s school has provided not much or no instruction compared to 13% of those in the upper-income group.

The research continued to bring perspective to the situation noting four-in-ten lower-income parents (41%) are very concerned about their children falling behind in school as a result of any disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak. By comparison, the study noted 21% of parents with middle incomes and 17% of those with upper incomes say they are very concerned about this.


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