Fun family crafts to entertain and educate

It’s safe to say parents are actively seeking out things to entertain and educate their kiddos!

PBS is a great resource when searching out a variety of learning opportunities and activities! Here is a list of activities to do as a family or set your kids up while you work from home, clean, or just take a break.

Egg Carton Turtles


Before you throw out your egg cartons, consider this cute activity!

What You’ll Need

Egg carton
Green paint
Crafting pompoms
Felt or craft foam
Googly eyes
Embellishments like buttons, sequins, gems, stickers, etc. (optional)
Get the directions here.

Count Lady Bug Spots

As parents, we are always searching for new ways to entertain while educating our kids! Give this fun craft + counting activity a try!1


Construction Paper
Pencil or Pen
Crayons or Markers
Small Notebook
Scissors (adult only)
Get the directions here.

Mystery Letter Bag

You’ll likely have these items already laying around the house. Turn them into a fun1 scavenger hunt-like activity that gets their minds thinking more about letters!


Three household objects beginning with the same letter
Get the directions here.

Letter Museum

Search for everyday items and turn them into an engaging learning/art exhibit around 1your home!



Crayons or markers
Various household objects
Get the directions here.

Build a Bridge

Create a fun bridge out of paper, clips, blocks, and more! Not only will the craft serve as a1 fun activity, but the end projects will make for even more engaging play!


Paper clips
2 large books or wooden blocks
Small rocks
Get the directions here.

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