Summer Fun Zone Day Camp: New Philadelphia

Discover what Summer Fun Zone Day Camp in New Philadelphia has in store for your Kindergartener, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader!

Monday-Friday from 9am to 3 pm June 7- August 13, The Learning Zone Salvation Army will be hosting summer camp!  Call 330-364-3811 Ex. 308 to register or learn more.  The cost is $60 per week with a $25 enrollment fee.  The Salvation Army is located at 809 Emmet Ave. New Philadelphia.

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New Philadelphia’s Salvation Army Day Camp Director, Barbara Huff was able to give Newsymom details about 2021’s Summer Fun Zone Day Camp!

Are there weekly themes?

Not really. Our program allows the children to take ownership of a large part of it, so which makes it difficult for us to follow themes created by us at the beginning of the summer.  We have specific days of the week that follow themes though.

  • Monday—Tutoring morning/guest visitors in the afternoon including our Tuscarawas County pop-up library and outdoor storytime open to the public
  • Tuesday—Forest School, our day exploring and learning outdoors at different locations around the area such as Dover Park, Dover-Zoar Rd Trailhead, Crider Ave Trail, etc.
  • Wednesday—Tutoring morning/water fun on the giant slip n slide and other games and activities that involve water in the afternoon
  • Thursday—Tutoring morning/club time in the afternoon—time for the kids to spend an extended time on things that they love together in groups. That could be art, photography, Pokemon, whatever kind of clubs they want to create
  • Friday—Field trip day. I am still finalizing trips and that list will come out soon!

Will children be separated by grades?

Not all the time. Our activities will be age-appropriate and there will be times that we will separate them for different things, but they will not spend the whole summer in separate areas.

How many campers per counselor?

We will follow JFS (Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services) school-age guidelines, but our ratio will probably be much smaller than that most of the time.

Check out Photos from 2020’s camp here!

Will children and adults be wearing masks?

(We) take the precautions needed to keep everyone healthy very seriously. Masks are worn by everyone when we are in the building or on the Salvation Army busses. We do not require masks to be worn while we are outside. We follow the guidance sent to us by our Salvation Army Headquarters.  They are interpreted by the governor’s best practices advice, so it may change at any time.

Are meals included?

We are a registered Summer Feeding Program site and provide both breakfast and lunch not only for our Summer Fun Zone campers but any child 18 and under who visits our site during those meal times. Meals that meet the USDA requirements for being healthy will be provided at no extra charge.

Will it take place indoors or outdoor?
  • We have an awesome facility here at the Salvation Army that includes three classrooms, a full kitchen/cafeteria, and a gym that we will utilize for part of the day every day. We also have a picnic pavilion and large outdoor spaces where we will spend a bulk of the day. It is summer!


  • We are in the process of putting in a children’s learning garden and natural playground. We want to provide an outdoor space that is unique from the area playgrounds at the schools and parks.  Our school year kids have already planted sugar snap peas and started learning about composting and soil in preparation of starting garden beds in a couple of weeks. I love being outdoors. I love allowing kids to take ownership of their time and just play.


  • We supervise or play with them following their lead to make sure no one is being hurt, but kids just being kids for a little while is an important part of Learning Zone and Summer Fun Zone. And the best place to do that is outside!

Summer Fun Zone Day Camp

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