Teachers Appreciation Grows

May 3rd- 7th is national Teacher Appreciation week and new poll data suggests parents are more grateful than ever for teachers!

The University of Phoenix conducted a survey in partnership with The Harris Poll in April, 2021 regarding how parents view the job of teachers since COVID-19 pandemic started.

The survey was given online to 2,063 adults.  514 described themselves as having their child enrolled in online education Kindergarten through 12th grade.   The survey was able to help gain a clearer understanding of parent thoughts since the shift to virtual learning occurred due to COVID-19.  Surveyors were assessed on their impressions of how not only teachers, but administrators have done since the pandemic.

teacher appreciation

The survey reported that 82% of parents expressed having a greater appreciation of the work teachers do now compared to before the pandemic.

Pamela Roggeman, Ed.D., academic dean for University of Phoenix College of Education said, “With the majority of K-12 students and their families experiencing virtual learning, people have developed a greater appreciation of teachers and the jobs they do, likely because parents’ role in educating their children has grown in the past year, due to the pandemic.  They now recognize that there is so much more that goes into teaching than just a lesson plan and grading homework. Teachers also work on addressing the social and emotional needs of students, which is essential to a student’s personal growth.”

Remote Learning Needs

Even though parents think the teachers are working hard and appreciate their efforts with their children there are still needed improvements.

84% polled agreed that teachers and staff need more resources as well as support to successfully teach virtually.

The Center for Disease and Control and Prevention recently came out with a poll regarding in-person, virtual, and combination classrooms that correlate with The University of Phoenix findings.

Hardships of Remote Learning

  • 45% found it tricky to find a dedicated space
  • 41% needed to sit with their kid during lessons
  • 37% had to upgrade internet, buy a new device, or school supplies

Top Concerns for Virtual Learners

  • 54% polled social aspects of learning
  • 47% agreed it is difficult establishing a sense of community with other children
  • 46% checked 1-1 interaction with the teacher was lacking
  • 44% are concerned about access to social services provided in school

Top Praises for Virtual Learning

  • 46% agreed they are able to spend more time with their kids
  • 44% expressed they learned more about the strengths and weaknesses their child has
  • 44% marked their schedule is more flexible


This week, consider ways to show your teachers they are appreciated.  
For virtual teachers there are many methods to send gifts to their e-mail addresses or even via text.  
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 and see how you can send your teacher a token of appreciation.

teacher appreciation gift

For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes, please contact Melany.Stroupe@phoenix.edu University of Phoenix

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