Support Moms With This Resource: National Maternal Mental Health Hotline

Support Moms With This Resource: National Maternal Mental Health Hotline – Maternal health is so important, whether we have a pregnant mom-to-be, postpartum mom after childbirth, or a veteran mama with a new baby who juggles literally everything on a daily basis. There’s an important resource to equip in your arsenal should you or someone you know need someone to talk to when your feelings are too overwhelming… Find out the contact info right here on Newsymom!

There’s an important phone number you should save on your phone right now, whether it’s for you or someone you know. This number provides 24/7, free, confidential support before, during, and after pregnancy, especially when you’re feeling down for longer than two weeks.

The number is:

1-833-943-5746 (1-833-9-HELP4MOMS)

and belongs to the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline

What does the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline offer?

The hotline offers:

  • Phone or text access to professional counselors
  • Real-time support and information
  • Response within a few minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Resources
  • Referrals to local and telehealth providers and support groups
  • Culturally sensitive support
  • Counselors who speak English and Spanish
  • Interpreter services in 60 languages

Who can call?

Anyone that’s a mom or supporting a mom can call! If you’ve noticed any of the following symptoms, now is the time to give them a ring:

  • Sad, anxious, or overwhelmed feelings lasting longer than two weeks
  • Inability to carry out daily tasks because of those feelings
  • Frequent crying or weepiness
  • Loss of enjoyment in otherwise enjoyable activities
  • Trouble for mom feeling connected to baby

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline will put mamas in touch with the resources they need to take care of their mental health!

Melissa Klatt


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