AAP Offers Guidance for Emergency Department Clinicians When Addressing Children’s Mental Health Conditions

(U.S.) – The American Academy of Pediatrics is offering advice in two new clinical reports specifically for those managing pediatric mental health emergencies.

Immunizations: American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics is sharing information with parents and caregivers about the importance of immunizations for kids.

AAP Statement on House Passage of Over-the-Counter Monograph Safety, Innovation, and Reform Act of 2018

In a recent news release published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, officials share their support of recent legislation passage.

Prison Time for Driver in Hit/Skip Involving Canton Child

(Canton, Ohio) The driver responsible for hitting an 8-year-old girl with his minivan and fleeing the scene is heading to prison.

Study: Drinking While Breastfeeding May Impact Children’s Cognitive Development

A new study looked at whether consuming alcohol or tobacco while breastfeeding impacts children’s cognitive scores.

AAP Recommends Counseling Pediatric Patients at Risk for Infertility and Sexual Function Concerns

Conversations with family should be early and ongoing, according to clinical report — the first of its kind by AAP.

Local School District Issues Statement on School Safety Levy

(Alliance, Ohio) – The Alliance City School District Superintendent is encouraging district voters to head to the polls today.

District Superintendent Takes Stance on Countywide School Levy

(North Canton, Ohio) – The North Canton School District Superintendent issues a public statement announcing his position on the school levy on the ballot in a special election this month.

Local Teacher Named State Board District 9 Teacher of the Year

(Gnadenhutten, Ohio) – A long-time teacher at Indian Valley Local Schools is named Teacher of the Year.

Attorney General Sends Reminder Amid Ohio Tax Holiday

(Ohio) – As consumers prepare for Ohio’s sales tax holiday and the upcoming school year, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is offering consumer protection tips.

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