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To the mom who is drowning

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding, blessed, joyous, and EXHAUSTING things ever. Read more

Children In Competitive Sports – Be A Parent First

Our weekends are full of sports. If we aren’t attending our own children’s sports we are most likely fighting the weather in one way shape or form watching our nephews. The kids were able to play baseball together this summer and their dads coached the teams. Once they moved in to the All-Star teams the whole dynamic changed. We went from family hangouts to listening to belligerent parents, sometimes coaches, and every so often we’d see a kid lose his/her cool on the field. My heart hurt for those children, so passionate about their sport. Feeling every ounce of their loss in their bones, sometimes bringing them to tears.

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Actions don’t speak louder than words

Words have power. Read more

Sax & The City Ticket Giveaway Keyword

Click ‘Read More’ for the Keyword and more entry details!!

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When Controlling Controls You

They say bringing home a baby changes you. It does. But so does losing one.

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Do You Need a Diaper Pail?

Like many first-time moms, I was guilty of making a colossal list of everything I HAD to have for baby. But, one thing has proven to be soooooo worth it!

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Safe Kids Issues Children’s Product Recalls

Newsymom.com continues to partner with Safe Kids by sharing information to ensure you are informed about recalls of products that can put your kids at risk.

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School Wins Free Textbook Subscriptions

In New Philadelphia, Ohio Buckeye Career Center is celebrating winning free textbook subscriptions for one year.

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Superintendent Comments on Claims Autistic Child was not Invited to Graduation

The Dover City School District is addressing information circulating social media that claims an Autistic child was given a separate graduation apart from the rest of his class.

The following social media post, shared over 500 times, is circulating Facebook:



The child’s mother also made this post to Facebook:


Newsymom.com reached out to Dover City Schools Superintendent, Carla Birney, to seek comment on this matter. She explained in a statement via email that Dover City Schools welcomes and encourages all high school graduates to participate in the Dover High School Graduation Ceremony this Friday, May 25th at 7:00 p.m. at Crater Stadium.

“At no time has a Dover City Schools employee told a parent that his or her graduating senior will not be permitted to participate at Friday’s Graduation with all of the other graduating seniors,” explained Birney.  “Our school administration and staff value each and every child in our education community and recognize the significance of graduation for our students and their families.”

Birney went on to explain that they would never deny a child an opportunity to participate in graduation due to a disability. “Rather, Dover Schools, consistent with its obligations under State and federal law, has worked with parents to ensure that any reasonable accommodations requested by the parent are made so that every graduating senior may attend and participate in Graduation,” said Birney.

Following the statement request made by Newsymom.com, Dover City Schools took the same statement to social media where it’s since been shared more than 100 times.

“Simply put, contrary to any information currently circulating on social media, the school district has not, and would not, tell any student or their family that, because of any disability, their graduating senior may not attend the High School Graduation ceremony scheduled for this Friday at 7:00 p.m.” added Birney.


Michaela Madison Reporting

High School Junior Earns Highest Possible ACT Score

A school district in Uhrichsville, Ohio is celebrating the success of a high school junior after he earned an ACT composite score of 36.
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