Tax Free Babies: Ohio Consumers will No Longer Pay Sales Tax on Baby Products

October means extra savings for parents and caregivers who need to buy baby supplies. The exemption was passed as a part of the state budget in June and went into effect at the beginning of this month. This bipartisan legislation is an effort to promote a family-friendly environment in the state.

The new law exempts products, purchased online or in-person, specifically for babies from the state’s 5.75% sales tax. This includes the following:

  • children’s diapers
  • therapeutic or preventive creams and wipes primarily used on children
  • child restraint devices or booster seats
  • cribs
  • Strollers

This new initiative is meant to be a part of Governor Dewine’s mission to make Ohio a family-friendly state. Critics, however, point out that that the state budget doesn’t go far enough to help Ohio families. They point to efforts to expand the child tax credit that have stalled in the house. Along with the pending childcare crisis that Ohio’s parents face. Addressing those issues will give much more significant help to Ohio’s families.

Still, most welcome this tax exemption for parents and caregivers of babies, hoping the saved income will help Ohioans. 

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