Teresa Caserta – Candidate for Alliance City School Board of Education

A life-long resident of Alliance is asking voters for their support on November 7th in the Alliance City School Board of Education race.

Teresa Caserta is married with two children and one is currently enrolled in the Alliance City School District.

Caserta received a BA from Mount Union College with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology. She then graduated from Ashland University with a Masters in Educational Administration.

She also earned a dual certification (Pre K-9) and has been employed in the public school system for 17 years.

Throughout her teaching career she has taught Kindergarten, 2nd, 5th, 7th and 8th grades; served as an instructional coach and Title One teacher.

Currently Caserta is employed as an administrator for the Canton City School District and has been in the position for five years.

“I am running for office to make Alliance City Schools the best that they can be and as a parent and an educator, I have a wealth of experience that has allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge about public education and the barriers that public education faces today,” explained Caserta. “I have experience working with a diverse population and know what is needed to effectively communicate with the community.”

She noted her experience includes success in working as a team member and proves she has the ability to collaborate well with others. Caserta noted her background gives her a unique perspective as to where education is and where it could be heading.

“I am able to stay abreast of educational policies and laws and any changes that occur. I also stay current of cutting edge programs that are available to help advance students and provide opportunities specific to their talents and needs.”

As a parent of a student in the Alliance City school system, Caserta noted her vested interest in providing the best education for her child and all the children in the district.

“I will bring numerous assets to the job, including my passion for the district,” she added. “My passion stems from growing up in Alliance and living here my entire life. I possess strong communication skills and have the ability to listen, write, and speak. I have set very high standards for myself and I am a dedicated professional who’s a team player and focuses on achieving collective results.”

The removal of what she calls the negative perspective some community members have about the school system would be a priority area for Caserta.

“The grades on the State Report Cards create the impression that Alliance City Schools are not performing at the same level as other nearby schools,” Caserta explained. “The community, as a result, has an unclear picture and does not realize what the Alliance City School District has to offer students.”

Caserta added that she believes many residents may not recognize the district offers facilities that allow students to learn in a stimulating and appropriate environment and stressed the district employs teachers who possess strong teaching skills and go above and beyond.

“Many of these teachers face issues within the classroom, working with students and families facing hardships and family issues. Yet these teachers continue to educate, meeting the highest standards even with increasing demands. Yet, community members continue to focus on the State Report Card. We must face this issue head on and implement changes that will allow the community to truly see what Alliance City Schools have to offer. “

If elected, she also noted a plan to address her what she described to Newsymom.com as a lack of unity within the Alliance community.

“Businesses, families, agencies, city workers, and doctors all need to unite together to form this sense of community. As a board member, I would listen, hear, and act on parent and community concerns. We need to work as a team and make what we have in the Alliance City School District top notch. We can not do this without a voice from the parents and the community.”

And a third issue that would be top of mind for Caserta would be mental health. She explained that the nation is facing a rise of mental health issues and teachers are faced with dealing with those issues on a consistent basis.

“We need to work closely with mental health agencies that will provide knowledge to staff, students and parents,” said Caserta. “We need to provide wrap around services to individuals who are in need of it. I also will work to get counselors in every elementary building in The Alliance City School District. Vote Teresa Caserta for Our Children, Our Community, Our Future.”

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