Stephan Kimbel – Candidate for Osnaburg Local School Board of Education

A member of the East Canton community for 34 years is seeking reelection in the Osnaburg Local School Board of Education race.

Stephan Kimbel is looking to voters on November 7th in hopes they will allow him to serve another term on the board.

He explained he is a dedicated member of the community and all three of his children were 3rd generation graduates of East Canton.

Kimbel has served 30 years on a church board, one term as a member of the board of education and noted 15 years of experience leading and volunteering for youth programs and 12 years coaching youth sports.

He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Kent State University and has worked in maintenance and reliability activities for more than 30 years.

“Through my work experience and training I have acquired extensive leadership and diversity skills,” explained Kimbel.

Kimbel explained to that his biggest priority is to provide a variety of opportunities to students.

“In the past, they’ve kind of tried to funnel kids into college and say college is really the only path for everybody and I don’t necessarily believe that.”

He explained he’d like to create more of a focus of options for those who would be trained in skilled trades.

“I think there’s a lot of really good opportunities for kids to do those kinds of things. Really think there’s a lot of potentials for kids to get into the engineering field,” said Kimbel. “Or, the whole thing about the STEM programs that are ongoing.”

Kimbel also detailed a goal as a member of the Osnaburg Local Board of Education is to work with school administrators to set a direction for the school district that he said would provide a safe environment with the best possible opportunities for students.

“School should be a place that allows students to have the best possible chance of achieving their goals and prepares them for further education, entering the workforce or military service,” noted Kimbel. “I believe not every student fits the same mold and we need to provide as many opportunities as possible for them to be successful. As a board member, I will work hard to help overcome obstacles and help make the best decisions for our school system.”

Overall, Kimbel explained he wants to be an active part of the school district and the community and also made a promise of open communication to the community.

“As a school board member, I’m definitely open to questions, concerns and other things members of the community would have.”

He explained he’d hopefully either have the answers or would take those issues into consideration when voting on major issues.

Michaela Madison Reporting


Jacki DiPietro – Did not return a message seeking comment.

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