Nicole Herrera – Candidate for Massillon City School Board of Education

A lifelong Massillon resident and mother of two young children is among those seeking a seat on the Massillon City School Board of Education.

Nicole Herrera explained the job encompasses her passion for education, civil service, the Massillon community, and children.

“As a mother, coach, and school volunteer, I am consistently reminded of the remarkable resilience, ingenuity, and brilliance of children,” explained Herrera. “At the root of my campaign is the desire to provide ALL students with an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and provides them with the opportunity for holistic growth, which includes rigorous academics, character, and citizenship.”

Herrera also highlighted and the importance of offering support to educators and working to help them as they navigate challenges such as federal and state regulations and non-academic issues to education such as poverty.

“It is my goal to both listen to teachers’ concerns and elevate their voices in the decision-making process. I will do my best to ensure that our educators have the support and resources they need. I also want to encourage a grassroots approach to policy and decision making, which allows our experts in education, teachers, to be a more integral part of the process.”

She went on to suggest the health of the community depends on the quality of the school system.

“Every resident in Massillon benefits from quality schools. I would like to facilitate more community involvement in the schools and contribute to a culture that celebrates our academic achievements, improving not just the quality of our schools, but also the way in which those within and outside of the community view Massillon City Schools.”

Herrera also provided the letter below, written to Massillon voters and providing additional background information and goals should she be elected.


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