The Handwashing Refresher Course

The Handwashing Refresher Course – We’re approaching the thick of Sickness Season, meaning you need to protect yourself and your family by washing your hands properly. Learn more about how to get rid of the poop on your hands here on Newsymom!

This is Public Health is brought to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

“Happy Flu Season!”

“Merry COVID-19 Christmas!”

“Happy New Cold!”

…said no one ever. If you haven’t gotten sick yet, you will if you don’t take the ultimate preventive measure of washing your hands properly, thoroughly, and often! Want to know when you should wash?

When You Should Wash Your Hands

To prevent the cooties from getting in your eyes, mouth, and nose, these are the key times to wash your hands:

  • Before, during, and after preparing food (Hint: Don’t touch raw meat or eggs, then touch vegetables without washing!)
  • After using the bathroom
  • After caring for someone who’s sick
  • While cleaning and bandaging wounds
  • After cleaning up a dirty diaper or helping your child use the bathroom
  • After blowing your nose, sneezing, or coughing in your hands
  • After touching animals, their food, or cleaning up their waste
  • Before and after sexual activities
  • After taking out the garbage
  • After being outside, exploring the dirty, dirty world of germ-infested door knobs, light switches, etc.

Or, if you’d like to reminisce with some childhood characters, watch this video: Handwashing PSA

When You Can’t Use Soap and Water… Use Hand Sanitizer

Use sanitizer that’s at least 60% alcohol! Hand sanitizer is a good substitute, but not a replacement for washing with soap and water.

Hand sanitizers:

  • Do not get rid of all the germs.
  • Are not as effective on greasy or visibly dirty hands.
  • Do not remove harmful chemicals like pesticides or heavy metals.

This is your chance to reiterate the importance of hand washing with your family! Keep yourselves safe by washing your hands often, and make sure to schedule your appointment to prevent COVID-19 and the flu by getting your updated vaccinations. Call the Tuscarawas County Health Department at (330) 343-5555 x. 100 to learn more about the services they have to offer you.

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