The Kind Heart of a Child

At times it takes just a simple, heartwarming moment to remind you of the real meaning of Christmas.

I told Holden that Santa makes his arrival in 11 days! The countdown is on!
I also took this time as a chance to once again explain to him that some children won’t be getting as many presents if any.
He asked why…

I told him that Mommies and Daddies send money to Santa for him to get their little ones presents. But, only if he thinks they’ve been good all year long.
I then explained that some parents don’t have enough money to send to Santa and some don’t have any money at all to spare (I’ve been doing my best to remind him of this as much as possible this season).
Holden then asked if Daddy and I could give money to those parents or if we could give them toys to send to Santa that he could bring to their children.

So, on that note….if anyone knows of any family that needs an extra hand this Christmas, please PM me.

I think this is a great moment to help Holden truly embrace one of the true meanings of this season and to be a part of it first hand. 🎄

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<3 Mallory

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