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The Need for Childcare Providers has Never been Greater

Are you looking for quality Childcare Providers in Ashland or Tuscarawas counties and don’t know where to begin or what to ask?

Helping hands comes to you in partnership with COAD4Kids 

The need for Childcare Providers has never been greater and the Coalition for Ohio Applachian Development 
(COAD4Kids) has everyone covered.  need for childcare provider
With COVID 19 effects still lingering, the need for childcare providers is 
The Women's Fund Childcare initiative is indicative of the growing need for 
childcare in the area.
If you work and have infants to 5 year olds and work, you need to find a 
qualified daycare or preschool.

The benefits of having a quality child watch center go beyond giving parents 
flexibility to provide an income for the family.  They can actually help 
children learn in grow in all developmental milestones. 

COAD4Kids provides a positive experience to help make a plan and understand 
local childcare logistics!

 4Families Painting at childcare


  • If you have a heart for teaching and nurturing and would like to start your own child care business– COAD4Kids will freely help!
  • Complete the online form here to discuss certifications, licensing steps, and overall small business support.
  • Receive Training for early childhood development.

4The Future

Parents are their child’s primary teacher but childcare providers and same-age peers can influence growth and development in ways that solely being at home cannot.  The state of Ohio provides free public education when children turn 5 years old (different districts have varying birthday cut-offs).  However, prior schooling at daycares and preschools can set them up for kindergarten readiness and success.

2019-2020 School Year Kindergarten Entrance Dates for 5-year-olds according to Ohio Department of Education:


Newsymom continues to learn about COAD4Kids as they provide free help to families, providers, as well as community partners in East Central, Southeast, and Southern Ohio counties.

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