The Road to Safety and Success This Winter

Road safety affects everyone in your car and on the roadway- drivers and passengers, young and old. Keep everyone safe this holiday season.

This is Public Health is brought to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

Keeping your teens and older relatives safe behind the wheel is as important as protecting the young children buckled into the backseat. Refresh yourself and your loved ones with these roadway tips.

Tips for You and Young Passengers

Never get behind the wheel when you are impaired by drugs, alcohol, or lack of sleep. Additionally,

  • Do not allow yourself to become distracted while driving. Do not play with the radio or use your phone.
  • Check the weather before heading out.
  • Children should be buckled into an age/size appropriate seat. Use child seats correctly to maximize safety.
  • Do not buckle thick or puffy coats into a child’s seat.
  • Keep children 12 and under safely strapped in the back seat of a vehicle.
  • Wear your seatbelt. Be a good example for the younger generation riding with you.

Tips for Teens and Older Drivers

Inexperience is the number one cause of teen driving accidents. Check your state laws regarding teen drivers and supervise your teenager in their early days on the road. On the flip side, according to the CDC, the risk of being injured or killed in an automobile accident increases as you age. If you are an older driver, you should:

  • Plan your route before you drive and chose well-lit, easily navigated roadways.
  • Talk with your doctor or pharmacist about the medications you’re on and ask how it might affect your driving.
  • Check your eye health regularly.

Don’t risk your safety or someone else’s safety this winter. Be responsible and careful behind the wheel.

Visit or find them on Facebook for more information about the Tuscarawas County Health Department and their services.

Audrey Mattevi

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