It’s Never Too Cold For Car Seat Safety

It’s cold and you’re in a hurry, but experts warn there is always time to ensure your child is properly strapped into their car seat!

This informational campaign comes to you in partnership with the Stark County Community Action Agency.

You’ve probably seen the ads and commercials warning about winter coats and car seats, but is there any validity to them or is stripping your child down on a chilly day for a short ride just another parenting hassle? Experts say taking the coat off will keep your infant, toddler, or child safest during any car ride.

First things first- why remove the winter jacket? By buckling your child into his or her car seat with anything more than a sweater or sweatshirt, you’re creating space between the safety harness and your child. In the event of an accident, this allows space for injury and/or the ejection of your child from their seat.

To test the tightness of the buckled car straps, pinch the strap with your thumb and finger near your child’s collar bone. The strap should be tight enough that you are unable to pinch any webbing with this test.

Now that your child is safely and tightly buckled into their seat, how can we keep them warm? recommends a few different approaches:

  • For older children you can thread their arms through their coat sleeves backward over the harness.
  • Place a blanket or coat over a younger child.
  • The Buckle Me Baby Car Seat Friendly Coats are a warm and unobtrusive option.
  • While there are other car seat accessories for warmth and comfort, experts recommend refraining from using anything that comes between the child and the seat/straps.

For more information, visit the SCCAA Community Action Pathways HUB page!

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