The Scary “Terrible Twos”

Everybody warned me about this and yet I am loving every single day of the terrible twos.

The “Terrible Twos”

I have always heard about this stage, even before I became a mom, and I can’t express with words how scared I was of hitting that timeline when my baby will turn TWO!

Time passed and my kid one day became a TODDLER, and it did feel different but not in the scary way I was thinking of (or the way everyone else warned me). Yes, there’s tantrums, tears, testing boundaries and all the drama that comes with it. But let me tell you from my 6 months of experience we have been in this “trying stage”, I am absolutely loving every second of it.

The reason? Well, it is during this so very “SCARY” stage she told us “I bun u” which in her language means I love you. It was after she turned two that she discovered the fun in playing chase and hide and seek with papa! And it was during these games that we fell more in love with the giggles, the loud laugher and the joy radiating throughout the living room

It’s in this stage where she reaches for “mami” to heal every injury and every bad feeling with a kiss and make it “ohh better”. It is now, when we hear her singing “Old McDonald have a farm” from the back of the car with words that maybe just us as her parents will understand.


I don’t want to sugar coat toddlerland, some days are hard and might seem endless. There is also that demanding, independent, needy and sometimes defiant personality that comes with the “TERRIBLE TWOS” but unlike what everybody says, I want to tell that your kid smiling across the yard because she found the perfect stick will overcome those hard and long days.

This next paragraph might sound like a cliché, but I have to encourage you to enjoy this stage, to embrace the good and bad days because our little one won’t stay little for much longer.

Soon enough you will be able to drink your coffee while is hot, there won’t be toys all over the living room or in the bathtub, one day will be no more baby steps sneaking to reach the cookie jar or endless loads of laundry. All that will be replace by silence and independence.


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