Norma Johnson Center outdoor nature preserve tuscarawas county ohio.

Your chance to support a treasured outdoor destination is almost here!

(Dover, Ohio) – Bids are open on the Norma Johnson Center Facebook page to help benefit their operations and you can soon support this treasured outdoor destination.

This coverage is courtesy of Newsymom affiliate WTUZ Radio. 

A collection of 50 items are eligible for the online auction, including quilts, gift certificates, and more.

Director Marsha Freeland says that the center has felt impacts of the pandemic in relation to their group activities, and funds raised will go towards education, trail maintenance, as well as a new attraction and piece of equipment.

“This year we are writing grants to purchase an ATV, because ours is almost 20 years old. As well as, we have a new bird viewing area. And we will need supplies for that.”

Bidding will be handled in Facebook comments on each photo of an available item, with payment handled through PayPal or check. Some items will have minimum bids posted as well.

The auction runs until March 12th at 5 p.m. Learn more about how you can support this treasured outdoor destination by visiting the Norma Johnson Facebook page.

WTUZ – Nick McWilliams reporting 

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