Three reasons Why You Should Keep Siblings Together in Foster Care

Three reasons Why You Should Keep Siblings Together in Foster Care – Over 672,000 children spent time in foster care in 2019, meaning all those children were placed in new homes, with new people, and in a new community. (Foster Care, ChildrensRights.Org) Keeping siblings together in foster care lessens the blow of unfamiliarity. Learn more about the impact of keeping siblings together in foster care right here on Newsymom!

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Imagine waking up to new surroundings with complete strangers after a traumatic event. For children placed in foster care, this is the reality. Prior to the State’s intervention and placement, they’ve also been exposed to a long time of abuse and neglect.

When it seems like life could be at its lowest point, oftentimes, their siblings get ripped away from them as well. These are the only other people who were their support system through their trying times. Or, maybe they looked after their little siblings while experiencing these awful situations.

You can help a child adjust to foster care much better by keeping them with their siblings as a unit! Learn more about the impact of siblings on foster children below.

Why You Should Keep Siblings a Unit

There’s tons of reasons why you should keep siblings together, but as a foster parent, here’s why you should strongly consider taking them as a unit:

  • Improved chances for well-being
  • Performance in school and activities is better
  • Increased chance of permanent placement
Having your brother or sister with you to explore the new environments, people, and community is so important! Plus, Sibling Snuggles are totally necessary to keep anxiety away. #siblingsnuggles

By keeping siblings together, they don’t experience the loss of their siblings on top of all the emotions of self-doubt, worry, and confusion they’re already experiencing from placement. As a result, their overall well-being is improved! 

With better well-being, their mental health is in a happier state. By preserving their sibling ties, you also decrease the chance of your foster children internalizing behaviors (i.e. keeping feelings of anxiety or depression inside). 

Better Performance

With their siblings’ support in this new chapter of their lives, their better well-being can also show in school and in their daily activities! Having the confidence that their siblings will be their support system allows them to give more to exploring their identity and pursuing happiness.

Permanent Placement Outcomes

Believe it or not, when you keep siblings together, they’re more likely to end up together in a permanent placement! When you keep siblings together, it’s easier for them to trust you. They’ll open up those lines of communication, bond with you, and feel more comfortable joining your family!

It may seem like common sense, but separating siblings hinders their ability to adjust to a new home. If you’d like to open your home (and heart) to foster siblings in need of care, start the process by reaching out to our friends at COAD4Kids-New Philadelphia! Send an email to, call (330) 364-8882, or follow COAD4Kids-New Philadelphia on Facebook.

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