Tips and Tricks to Enjoying the Tuscarawas County Fair

Tips and Tricks to Enjoying the Tuscarawas County Fair – The Tuscarawas County Fair is open for the fun and festivities starting tomorrow! Before you go, keep this list of tips and tricks handy to experience all the best parts of the fair safely and conveniently! Read our mom-hack guide to the Tuscarawas County Fair right here on Newsymom!

The Tuscarawas County Fair is open for fun starting tomorrow, September 19th!

We’ve been looking forward to this all year, and now that it’s here, we’re going to help you and your family enjoy it to the fullest! There’s a lot to see and do at the Tuscarawas County Fair, and we’re keeping you in the loop with the following tips and tricks to make your fair experience that much more enjoyable:

Parking Tips

  • Parking inside the gates is $5, while spaces are available! Enter at the Wooster Avenue main gate.
  • Handicap-accessible parking is available at the main gate for a fee. (Note: The fair doesn’t supply electric wheelchairs.)
  • Free parking is available on Oxford Street, with a free shuttle service to the main gate!
Free parking is available here!
  • There are four entrances to enter the fair: Wooster Avenue (Main Gate), Fair Lane, Tusc Avenue, and Eastgate Lane.

Admission at a Glance

  • Gates open at 8am.
  • Gate admission:
    • $5 per person
    • $3 per person 60+
    • Ages three and under get in free!
    • Thursday, September 22nd —> Admission is $3 for everyone!
  • Ask for a hand stamp if you plan on leaving and returning later in the day! Each day’s stamp is a different color. (Perfect when you need to take your toddler home for a nap and come back later when they’re awake!)
Need a map to help you get around the fair? Newsymom has your back!

Hacks for Amusement (Rides)

    • Pay by the ride for $2 each ticket. (Or, $60 for 30 tickets to share with your family.)
      • Kiddie rides cost 1 ticket.
      • Bigger rides cost 2 tickets.
    • Skip the ticket-counting and grab an all-day wristband for $17 each. Ride as much as you want!
Are you scared of heights? If not, snag a wristband and hop on as many times as you like!
  • Wristbands are only $14 on Family Day! (September 22nd)
  • Rides open at 12pm each day except Monday, which will open at 5pm after inspection. They don’t have closing times! As long as enough riders are coming through, you can enjoy them as long as you want.

Important Things to Know: Grandstand Entertainment Events

  • The following are free events and don’t require tickets:
    • Tuesday, September 20 —> Band-O-Rama
    • Thursday, September 22 —> ModRod Pullers
  • All remaining nights are paid events, with tickets sold by the Performing Arts Center
  • For Handicap-Accessible seating, please call the Performing Arts Center or visit the ticketing booth on the grounds during fair week.
  • For online ticket sales – Please pick up your tickets as soon as you can on the day of the event! Waiting until right before the show can cause issues and delays.
  • Ticketing booth is only open 30-60 minutes AFTER the evening events begin!

Food at the Tuscarawas County Fair

  • Food trucks are available on-site at the Tuscarawas County Fair. They’ve all been health-inspected and set their own prices and menus. Come through and support our trusted vendors!
  • Local food entities include: the Pork Producers, Beef Producers, Dairy Men’s Dairy Bar and Clover Café. Check out the Clover Café menu here:
Artisans in Tuscarawas County come from all corners to create masterpieces like this! And yes, it’s as delicious as it looks. Come check out our Tusc County talent at the fair!

Vendors and Displays

  • Senior Fair and Household Arts are being judged on Monday – Be patient! Some areas of the building will have limited access until the process is complete.
  • Please visit them to support our talent showcase here in Tuscarawas County. You’ll find everything from beautiful cakes to stunning photos, quality garden products and more!

Visit the Animals

  • Animals are the heart of the Tuscarawas County Fair! Help all the 4-H and FFA kids and local farms by visiting the animals.
  • Please be respectful during shows in the arena and barns; animals and kids are nervous as they prepare for ‘showtime!’
  • Old McDonald’s Farm is a perfect place for the kiddos to see a variety of animals. Sometimes, there’s baby animals, too!
  • LEARN MORE ABOUT 4-H AND FFA: Visit the local 4-H and FFA booths in the commercial and fine arts buildings. Every booth has examples of all the projects that 4-H offers. You don’t have to own a farm or be in the county to take part in this amazing program. A lifetime of memories and friendships will be your reward.
Learn more about 4-H for your family at the fair! Visit the booths in the commercial and fine arts buildings for more info.

Plan your family’s adventure at the Tuscarawas County Fair by downloading the 2022 Fair Book or visiting online at:
Tuscarawas County Fair Challenge: Snag a pic of your family enjoying the fair this week and tag us on Facebook @tcofair to show your friends and family where the fun is happening!

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