Together We Rise – Meet The Fisher Family

“They have big hearts and truly want to make a difference in the lives of all the children. Their willingness to help children, other foster parents, and the agency has made them an exceptional asset to the Stark County fostering community.” – Jamie Horey, Supervisor, Stark County Children Services

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The Fisher family’s journey began in 2017. Tiffani and Noah Fisher made the decision to work with Stark JFS due to the great need for foster and adoptive care in their area. Knowing they had an abundance of love to give, they wanted to provide a safe, loving home for children in need.

Tiffani and Noah remark on their very first fostering experience, saying it was both difficult and rewarding. They were placed with a child who was facing challenges in a variety of areas. Through gaining insight and guidance from another foster family, they were able to assist the child in working through behaviors which stemmed from the child not understanding why he was in foster care and not with his parents. The couple reports that the child continued to progress and thrive, and they worked toward reunification together. The child was able to return home to utilize his new skill set, and Tiffani and Noah were able to be a vital piece in his growth.

Throughout their fostering involvement, Tiffani and Noah have remained open and accommodating to the needs of children in the foster care system. They understand the benefit of siblings being kept connected while they are in foster care; therefore, they foster sibling groups whenever possible. When it is not possible for siblings to remain together, The Fisher couple works to keep the sibling bond alive. They state taking a large sibling group can be beautiful but also tricky because, as caretakers, they are responsible for making sure each child’s specific needs are met. This includes assisting them with processing and overcoming trauma. But, seeing the children in their home love each other and just be kids is an amazing process.

Along with seeing children grow throughout the fostering process, Tiffani and Noah also get to observe growth in birth parents. Although each case is very different and the level of involvement from birth families varies, The Fisher family has always been open to working with birth parents. They work closely with the staff at Stark JFS and have a community who supports them while they nurture their foster children, including friends, family, and professionals. Tiffani says, “It takes a village and within JFS, you will find an amazing one.” They also have become a resource for other foster families, providing support and guidance, along with respite care.

The Fisher parents have developed an attachment and bond with each child who has stayed in their home, babies and teenagers, no matter how long the stay. They continue to remain in touch with previous foster children to provide support and be “a bonus family” for them. After experiencing fostering, the Fisher family decided to adopt. They say, “Seeing our kiddos overcome so much and grow into wonderful little people was an easy yes to adoption. We were their family and this was their home.”

The Fisher children say foster care has positively impacted their lives as they now have a family who loves them and is nice to them. They report that their parents, Tiffani and Noah, do fun stuff with them, teach them new things, let them help with things, and always show up for them. The children report being happy to have their forever home, and they state, “You should take a chance on kids. A lot of us are just kids who need someone to care about us.”


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