Top Three Illnesses Your Family Can Catch This Fall Season

Top Three Illnesses Your Family Can Catch This Fall Season – Fall is fast approaching: and all the sickness-related drama is coming with it! Check out the top three illnesses you’ll see springing up this fall season, what the difference is between viral and bacterial illnesses, and prevention right here on Newsymom!

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Hey there, fall mamas! As the leaves start to change and the pumpkin spice lattes make their triumphant return, it’s time to chat about something that’s on everyone’s mind: fall illnesses. Yep, you guessed it—COVID-19, the flu, and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) are making their way into the conversation as we head into the cozy sweater season. So, let’s dive into what you fall babes need to know to stay healthy and enjoy autumn to the fullest.

Covid-19: Still in the Mix

While we were all hoping that Covid-19 would be a thing of the past, it’s not quite done with us yet. Variants and breakthrough cases are still a concern, so continue to follow those trusty guidelines: wash your hands, mask up when necessary, and get your vaccine booster if you’re eligible. It’s like an extra layer of protection for your pumpkin patch adventures.

The Flu: Don’t Forget About It

The flu might have taken a back seat during the pandemic, thanks to all our pandemic precautions, but it’s making a comeback. And it’s not a guest we want at our fall festivities. Luckily, the flu shot is readily available and is like a superhero shield against the flu virus. It’s the easiest way to protect yourself and those around you.

RSV: A Surprising Guest

RSV is often seen as a common cold in adults but can be more severe in young children and the elderly. This year, it’s making an unexpected appearance in the fall lineup. So, keep an eye out for symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and fever, especially in the little ones.

Check out the differences in treatment for viral and bacterial infections right here, thanks to our friends at the CDC! Want to know what antibiotics are used for? Check it out here: Antibiotics Use Q & A

Tips for Staying Healthy

Now that you know what’s on the autumn illness playlist, let’s talk about how you can stay in the best of health:
  • Vaccination: Get vaccinated for both Covid-19 and the flu. It’s the most effective way to protect yourself and your community. You can contact the Tuscarawas County Health Department at (330) 343-5555 x.1740 or 1810 to schedule your next vaccination!
  • Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. It’s the oldest trick in the book but still one of the best.
  • Mask Up: Don’t hesitate to mask up in crowded indoor spaces or if you’re feeling unwell. It’s a simple gesture that can make a big difference.
  • Social Distancing: Keep a safe distance from others, especially if you or someone around you is feeling sick.
  • Boost Your Immunity: Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly to keep your immune system in top shape.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on local health guidelines and updates. The situation can change, and being informed is your best defense.

So, there you have it—our fall lineup of illnesses and how to avoid them. Remember, it’s not about living in fear but taking smart precautions to keep yourself and those around you safe. Take care of yourself, get checked out by your medical providers, and take these precautions to keep you in tip-top fall shape!

Don’t have a medical provider? Anyone age 12 and up can call the Tuscarawas County Health Department at (330) 343-5555 x. 1740 or 1810 to find a medical provider! 🙂

With a little extra care and a lot of pumpkin spice lattes, you can enjoy the cozy season without any unwanted surprises. Stay well, ladies! 🍂🌻


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