Tuscarawas County Health Department Announces Tentative COVID-19 Vaccination Plan

(Dover, Ohio) – Members of the Tuscarawas County Health Department (TCHD) COVID-19 response team met this morning to finalize a tentative plan for the early distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine.

During this initial phase of the vaccination process, supplies are very limited, necessitating a coordinated and prioritized approach.

“Currently, vaccines are not available to the general public. We have a limited supply for specific critical populations, and we are following the guidance of the Ohio Department of Health to prioritize individuals who are part of Phase 1A,” explained Katie Seward, Tuscarawas County Health Commissioner. “We are focusing on vaccinating those most at risk, as well as essential healthcare workers and personnel caring for COVID-19 patients who are not already receiving the vaccine through their healthcare employers.”

“We know that many are looking forward to getting the vaccine; however, we do not yet have enough vaccine for all individuals in Phase 1A. As supplies come in, we will notify those who are eligible when we have enough doses to accommodate them,” stated Seward. “We will also share those notifications through our website and Facebook, and we recommend that individuals in Phase 1A check our website and Facebook regularly for notifications.”

Critical groups that have been identified by ODH as part of Phase 1A include healthcare workers and personnel who are routinely involved in the care of COVID-19 patients; residents and staff at nursing homes; residents and staff at assisted living facilities; patients and staff at state psychiatric hospitals; people with development disabilities and those with mental health disorders, including substance use disorders, who live in group homes, residential facilities, or centers and staff at those locations; residents and staff at Ohio veterans homes; and EMS responders. Vaccines will be made available to additional groups when supplies allow.

For more information, visit www.tchdnow.org and click on the COVID-19 Vaccine Tab at the top or visit the TCHD Facebook page.

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