Ready or not, here he comes!

I am about to have a baby! Wow! It seems like this pregnancy went so slow yet oh so fast! As a person that prefers and tries to be prepared for everything, at 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant, I feel so incredibly unprepared to be a mother.

I have waited my whole life for this moment so how is it that I am so unprepared? I guess this is life. This pregnancy has forced me to accept that while it is great to prepare, it is also okay to let life happen. I had so many plans prior to finding out that I was pregnant and while I tried to stick to my plans, reality slapped me in the face several times. I did accomplish some goals; however, some were either extremely modified or vetoed—my husband may or may not have played a role in some of the modifications and vetoes.

As I reflect on this pregnancy, I know that my plans distracted me from enjoying some of the process. I can’t go back and do it over so I am grateful for the revelation and the ability to adjust and be intentional about trying to enjoy the rest of the process. When Solomon arrives, I am sure that even more of my plans will have to be modified or vetoed and that’s okay. If I didn’t get anything else out of this process, I learned to enjoy the moment while working on plans and goals.

I’m not sure if I am ready or not, but I know that Solomon is coming any day now. If everything isn’t done and perfect before we make the trip to the hospital, I know that I am ready to shower him with love and do all that I can to be the best mother that I can be and raise an amazing king! I cannot wait to hold him in my arms!


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