What if Christmas isn’t our holiday

While many people in the United States celebrate Christmas, a portion does not recognize it as their celebrated holiday. Almost 10% of Americans say they observe another holiday during this season. While this may not seem like many people, think about the impact it can have on a person’s emotional and mental state feeling alone while everyone else is swept up in the Christmas rush. Read on to learn more about how to embrace loved ones, friends, and especially youth as they observe their non-majority holiday.

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Be intentional about educating youth about your holiday.
  • The meaning, traditions, and concepts behind it
  • Provide information, so that when others ask questions they are prepared.
    • Sometimes youth will tease because of fear of the unknown, this can be prevented with education.
  • Ask for time and space for a holiday-themed presentation at school.
    • Encourage the youth to share or provide information for the teacher to share with the students
    • Read books, make crafts, share foods
  • Involve the youth’s friends in the celebration of these holidays
    • Indulge in their curiosity by having them over to see how the family celebrates

These ideas will likely help the youth and family feel less isolated and decrease the emotional and mental stress associated with this time of year. Do not be afraid to be open and share with a doctor or therapist if there is a sudden change in the youth’s behavior during this time of year. It is never too early to ask for support.

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