What Parents In the Autism Community Want You to Know!

When the most important person in your world has autism spectrum disorder, your world reaches a new level of love and understanding.

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Moms and dads know all about the advocating and learning that comes with an autism diagnosis, but they also know the greatest love and pride. Local moms and dads weighed in on their amazing kids.

Jake’s face lights up when he starts to talk about his five-year-old son. “He’s just so blissful,” smiles Jake. “He is so pure and he sees the world from a completely unspoiled point of view. I love how simple and happy life is for him at this age.” Jake goes on to describe his son as helpful, curious, and undeniably sweet.

This year during the month of April, the Autism Society of America is sharing its “Celebrate Differences” campaign for Autism Acceptance Month. In ten years the prevalence of autism has risen from 1 in 125 children to 1 in 54. During Autism Acceptance Month, you can help build a better awareness of the realities of autism.

Erica, mom and Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst student, beamed while looking at pictures of her six year old daughter. “[My daughter’s] mind works in the most beautiful and unexpected ways, and as she gets older, she blesses me with more frequent opportunities to see the world from her perspective. My daughter’s autistic brain enables her to experience the world in a more intense, vivid, emotional way than her neurotypical counterparts, which allows her unique personality to shine through. She is endlessly playful, creative, loving, persistent, loyal, and logical, and she has the best memory of anyone I know. I can’t wait to see where life takes her and how she’ll flourish in our increasingly accepting and supportive society.”

Awareness AND Acceptance

In past years, you might’ve heard April referred to as Autism Awareness Month. This year, we are encouraged to move from “awareness” to “acceptance.” By changing the language, you can help foster change and inclusion for the autism community!

Kristin shared some unique insight about her seven-year-old son. “The thing that I love most about my son is how much empathy, kindness, and love he exudes.” She went on to dissect the false adage regarding lack of empathy from people with autism, sharing that she firmly believes in the saying, “If you’ve met one person with autism, then you’ve met one person with autism.” She continued, “[My son] has the biggest kindest heart. Even when someone is not being kind to him he doesn’t retaliate, he is still genuinely kind to them.”

When asked if she believes autism plays a role in her son’s personality, Kristin proudly nodded. “I do think that a lot of positives about his personality comes from his autism. [He] is super creative, and his attention to detail is mind blowing.” She went on to say his love of rules and impressive memory makes him an all-star student. “He is also hilarious and has the driest, most literal humor but it’s always at the most perfect comedic timing. He’s just an overall awesome kid once he’s comfortable around someone and he lets you in.”

The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD) has resources for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. TuscBDD provides Early Intervention for children birth to three years old, Service and Support Administration for people of all ages, family support services, family mentorship, and more! To learn more about these serves and others, visit TuscBDD online at www.tuscbdd.org.

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